Your Contact Officers are often the first port of call for an employee who is feeling bullied or harassed, or is faced with a conflict situation that they are having difficulty resolving on their own. How Contact Officers manage the issues that are bought to them can determine whether they escalate, or are resolved successfully. They need to be good communicators, level headed and aware of their role, and importantly the limitations of their role.

Although we refer to Contact Officers in your workplace they may be called Fair Treatment Officers or something similar.

Contact Officer training is an important part of the workplace training we deliver in conflict management, diversity, preventing and addressing workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Aboto can provide face to face training designed specifically for your organisation.

We have an online course titled The role of the Contact Officer that has been developed from our experience in the workplace and through running face to face training.

Both our online training and our face to face training helps the Contact Officer to develop the skills necessary to listen to complainants and respondents and assist them in examining options for managing conflict situations.

It is important to ensure the Contact Officers have a good understanding of what is workplace bullying and sexual harassment and what it is not.

In the case of the online training this is through the separate online course composed of two modules namely:

  • A Psychologically Safe Workplace
  • What to do if you have a complaint

Both our face to face training training and our online training develops a thorough understanding of the role of the Contact Officer using real life scenarios that help the course participants understand their role.

The course includes an understanding of the organisation’s specific workplace conduct policy, the relevant state and federal legislation and it also ensures the Contact Officers know the limitations to their role.

Often this training is done in conjunction with a review of the organisation’s workplace conduct policy. The combination of policy review and associated training can provide good impetus to a change of culture in the workplace.

Contact Aboto to find out more about these workshops, and how they can be designed to meet the particular needs of your department or team.