Aboto provides the following hr resources to assist individuals and organisations:

  • FAQ Employees – We try to answer some of the common hr questions employees ask in relation to their workplace. For example often people misunderstand what is and what is not workplace bullying and people are unsure what they should do about an unsatisfactory situation at work, read more
  • FAQ Employers – We try and answer some of the most common hr questions that are asked by employers in relation to bullying, harassment and how these issues should be managed in the workplace, read more
  • Publications and Media – Dr Moira Jenkins has a number of peer reviewed articles as well as international and national conference publications. She has been interviewed on national radio about her research in to workplace bullying. We have listed these hr resources for your interest, read more
  • Tools – These are tools that can assist in the development of better workplaces, read more
  • Links – Links to other websites that are important in the area of psychological health in the workplace, read more

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