These human resource tools can be printed and used in promoting discussion with your team around issues that impact on workplace culture, bullying and harassment.

Constructive Conflict Resolution Poster 1 : This poster can be used either in team meetings or put on the wall to help provide a set of continuous reference points to remind people the constructive ways to approach conflict.

Constructive Conflict Resolution Poster 2 : This the same poster as above but with different colours so you can choose the most appropriate for our workplace.

Making a complaint – A cost /benefit analysis : Unfortunately each choice with regard to how best to respond to workplace bullying has both pros and cons. This document tries to collate these pros and cons. It was based on information from the Working Women’s Centre and modified with our experience in workplaces and through our research.

Assessing risks of bullying occurring in your organisation : What are the risk factors in your organisation is the first step in any decisions to try and improve the safety of your workplace.

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