At Aboto our main focus is on providing support to organisations to reduce the incidence of all forms of disrespectful workplace behaviour and improve the organisation’s culture to enable a healthier more productive workplace. Our anti bullying and harassment training is an important part of achieving this cultural change.

It is important for all employees and especially managers to understand their legal responsibilities.  This is a core part of all our training.

An Occupational Health Safety and Welfare approach is taken to the prevention and management of workplace bullying and harassment.

In our conflict management training we aim to equip participants with practical skills to resolve conflicts before they become entrenched disputes, and before they escalate into workplace bullying complaints.

During the workshops we utilise case studies that are relevant to your organisation, including state and national legal cases that provide examples of what happens when things go wrong.

Please review the alternatives  below or contact us if you would like to further information on our anti bullying and harassment training.

In-house Training

When conducting in-house training for your organisation we customise all workshops so that they support your companies’ polices and processes in order to achieve the culture that you are targeting. Specific training can be developed for resolving particular in-house issues.

Popular workshops have included:

  • Responsibilities of Managers in relation to preventing and responding to Workplace Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination
  • Employees Rights and Responsibilities
  • Contact Officer Training on the Role of the Contact Officer / Fair Treatment Officer
  • Identifying and Addressing Psychological Hazards in the Workplace
  • How to Develop an Effective Respectful Behaviour Policy and Grievance Process For Your Organisation.
  • Managing high conflict staff as a risk factor to Bullying at work
  • Developing a mentally healthy workplace / improving your mental health competence for managers
  • Communicating effectively in high conflict situations

Contact Aboto for more information about these workshops, or to discuss your training needs.

Online Training

Aboto has partnered with Rapid Global to develop high quality, interactive online training courses that utilise the expertise and knowledge of Dr Moira Jenkins and her team .

Does your organisation have:

  • Employees working in rural and remote locations throughout the State?
  • Employees and managers who say they are ‘too busy’ to attend workshops at specified times?
  • Mobile teams and employees working away from the office, but who have internet connectivity?

Using an online training platform provides flexibility, and an alternative for both managers and staff to access training when it is convenient to them. Training can be undertaken from any location where an internet connection is available.

Online training can be used to provide an introduction and context before face to face training. This way participants get better value from face to face workshops at an overall reduced cost.

Participants are awarded with a certificate of attainment upon successful completion of the course. These can be retained by the organisation for training records.

See our current selection of bullying & harassment online courses.