How confident are your managers in dealing with mental health at work? Dr. Moira Jenkins is a practising Clinical Psychologist who has a breadth of experience assisting organisations manage and promote good mental health in the workplace. She can work with your leaders to increase their mental health competency, knowledge about common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, and how to support employees with mental health concerns.

Her practical approach will outline specific actions that your managers can take to create mentally healthy teams, and better support employees with mental health concerns. Her workshops can also examine suicide prevention and how to manage the psychological impact of critical incidents in your workplace.

With one in four Australians suffering from a mental health condition (most commonly depression or anxiety) at some time in their life, chances are that you will have employees who need support during a period of recovery from a mental illness.

An understanding of how best to manage people through their difficult times can ensure you retain valuable employees in whom you may have invested significant resources.

You need leaders and managers who have an understanding and confidence in dealing with mental health issues, and how to promote a mentally healthy workplace. We have the expertise to help you achieve this.

If you need immediate help for a specific concern see our links to organisations that can give crisis help.