At Aboto we can assist your team in managing workplace conflict and to work through conflicts and divergent views in a constructive and respectful manner. Good listening and communication skills are also an integral part of effective conflict management. We can assist your staff and managers to learn how to identify the interests and needs underpinning many conflicts by asking the right questions, and listening to the answers in a way that uncovers the important issues. Specialised listening, targeted questioning, good communication and conflict resolution skills are an integral part of any managers job. We can help up-skill your managers (and staff) as a group, or in  1:1 coaching sessions.

While healthy debate and conflict can lead to the development of new ways of doing things and provide a different perspective, disrespectful behaviour and unhealthy conflicts can contribute to poor team morale, breakdown in relationships and the stifling of ideas and innovative thought. Sustained unhealthy conflict is also a significant risk factor for bullying as conflict that becomes disrespectful and continues to escalate can turn into workplace bullying if not addressed.

Moira can also mediate workplace conflicts, with the aims of helping both parties understand the underlying issues that are contributing to the dispute and better understand the perspective of the other person. Mediation of workplace conflicts assist the parties in dispute to communicate more effectively about the issues that are causing disagreement, and assist them develop a sustainable resolution.

Effective and constructive managing of workplace conflict is an essential part of a productive healthy workplace. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help your team improve their performance in this area.