Dr Moira Jenkins, is the founder of Aboto, and one of Australia’s experts in the prevention and management of workplace bullying and harassment. She uses her background in clinical psychology, her management experience, her research and her knowledge of workplace psychological health and conflict management in providing expert human resource consulting services.

Moira and her team have both down to earth practical experience as well as a clear understanding of what the evidence based research says about how to address workplace bullying, workplace harassment and discrimination, workplace mental health issues as well as manage inappropriate and high conflict behaviours.

Aboto offers affordable, ethical and professional partnerships with organisations to achieve improvements in occupational health which will in turn improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

We have a proven track record in helping organisations improve their work culture and comply with current legislation in relation to bullying, harassment and discrimination.

If you are an organisation that wants to empower your managers to address conflict more effectively, prevent bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination from occurring, or require an independent experienced third party to assist in dispute resolution, at Aboto we will work in partnership with you to produce the best outcome possible.

Please explore the sections of this website that detail our specialist expertise and the hr services we can provide your organisation and contact us if we can be of assistance.

Human Resource Consulting Services

We provide human resource consultant services that will assist you in improving the psychological health of your workplace. These services include:

Online Training

Dr Moira Jenkins has developed online training courses that can provide your employees with real insight into the issues of bullying and harassment in the context of achieving a psychologically safe workplace.

The course on a psychologically safe workplace explains what bullying is, and what it is not, as well as what are the current legislative requirements about this important issue. We outline how there are various risk factors that can either increase or decrease the likelihood of incidents occurring in the workplace. Included in this course is a module on what to do if you have a workplace issue.

We have a Contact Officer training course which will help empower your Contact Officers and your staff with a clear understanding of this important role.


Robyn Dwight, OH&S Manager

Moira's level of expertise both as a practitioner/mediator and researcher was evident throughout the workshop.

Lydia Richards

/ Safe Work SA

Preventing & Managing Workplace Bullying Workshop for Managers - Very experienced presenter with good examples.

Arthur Patten, Manager OHS & Quality

/ Southcott Pty Ltd

The reaction from our managers was very positive and helped immensely with regard to their understanding of their responsibilities in the workplace.

Jared Simes, General Manager, Operations

/ Employers Mutual

In a time of significant change within our business Moira has greatly assisted in keeping us positively engaged.

Charlotte Rayner, Professor of Human Resource Management

/ Portsmouth Business School, UK

Moira's approach to workplace bullying is realistic, practical and well-informed. She deals with the complexities and ambiguities in bullying through a comprehensive and well written text. Ideal for HR Practitioners, small business owners and OH&S professionals who want to improve their practice. This is a really good book!

Employers Mutual Management

/ Employers Mutual

Moira has enabled our employees to address and manage issues they may be facing in their personal lives, minimising the impact on their performance at work.

Fiona Stephens

/ Principal at Central Psychology Services

Moira really knows the area of bullying/workplace factors contributing to a workplace where bullying occurs. she is a great trainer and educator and brings with her solutions to an area where many just throw their hands in the air, blame the "bully"; and so fail to address the systemic issues contributing to the bullying behaviours. No-one wins when bullying is allowed to continue and yet many organisations fail to be active when they are told it is occurring on their patch.

Russell Varley

/ Principal, Direct HR Solutions

Moira through her company Aboto has provided education and training to the majority of our workforce. Firstly through education in implementing a Respectful Workplace Framework throughout the Southcott workforce and secondly through specific Communication training to managers to improve having more difficult conversations should they arise. Each time the work presented is professional, up to date with legislation and more importantly delivered in an easy to understand and relevant style that engages the audience. Moira is an expert in her field and gains the trust of those she is delivering to. I would recommend Moira to any employers looking to improve workplace knowledge in the workplace behaviour field.