Aboto provides the following hr services:

  • Workplace Policy Development – Aboto can assist your organisation to develop a Respectful Behaviour Policy (incorporating directives on bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination),  and grievance procedures that are based on current models of best practice, and in line with current legislative requirements, read more
  • Conflict Coaching/Management –  At Aboto we have considerable experience in helping managers and employees manage conflict in the workplace, and learn to communicate better in order to address conflicts effectively. We are experienced in assisting organisations manage ‘high conflict’ clients and staff, and can teach your employees and managers how to better respond to ‘high conflict’ emails, telephone calls and behaviours in a safe and reasoned manner, read more
  • Workplace Training/Facilitaion – When conducting in-house training for your organisation we customise all workshops so that they support your companies’ polices and processes in order to achieve the culture that you are targeting. Specific training can be developed for resolving particular in-house issues, read more
  • Online Training – Aboto has partnered with Rapid Global to develop high quality, interactive online training courses that can be undertaken by your staff in remote locations, or in their own time, read more
  • Mediation – Workplace mediation can help restore and preserve working relationships. Mediation allows for direct discussion between people in conflict, and a mediator assists both parties to search for practical solutions to their problems. Mediation assists the parties to identify their underlying interests and needs,  rather than remaining stuck in a certain position, read more