Assessing The Risks of Bullying Occurring in Your Organisation

We have provided three charts to help you to assess and identify risks that might contribute to workplace bullying and harassment within your organisation. These charts can be discussed at staff meetings, and is a good way to introduce the concept of psychological risks of bullying with your team.

For example, you can ask whether there has been “ any changes in the way work is carried out (such as new technology, new processes or new equipment)” – If the answer is yes, or maybe then discuss with the team how if not addressed how might these changes contribute to bullying? Often the discussion will lead to issues such as conflict, different values, lack of leadership etc… and together the team can problem solve and address these important matters.

These three pdfs can easily be printed and used for discussion:

If you wish to explore these issues further please contact us and we can discuss ways in which our occupational health and safety approach to the risks of bullying might be helpful in your organisation.