2018 Preventing Sexual Harassment Masterclass

Preventing & Managing Sexual Harassment: A masterclass for HR professionals

Aboto has teamed up with Employment Law Matters and Adventedge to lead a masterclass on Preventing and Managing Sexual Harassment. The masterclass will be lead by Dr Moira Jenkins, Director, Aboto Psychology and Workplace Conflict Management Services.

Preventing and addressing sexual harassment in the modern day workplace can be a challenging task. This full day masterclass aims to guide HR practitioners and managers through the process of preventing sexual harassment, as well as intervening without breaching the rights of the parties involved.

Dr Jenkins uses relevant cases and case law to illustrate an evidence-based risk management approach to the prevention and intervention of sexual harassment complaints, and her workshops are known for being interactive, interesting, and relevant in nature.

The event will take place in Australia and New Zealand between February and April in 2018 (see below).

PERTH Monday 26th February 2018
MELBOURNE Wednesday 28th February
ADELAIDE Friday 2nd March
BRISBANE Monday 5th March
SYDNEY Wednesday 7th March

WELLINGTON Tuesday 10th April
AUCKLAND Thursday 12th April

Learn more about the masterclass and register with the brochure.